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WOMEN'S DISEASESMEN'S DISEASESMedical UpdateTuskegee Airmen Inc.
 Can be contacted orally (mouth)
 Increases susceptability to HIV
 Becoming antibiotic resistant
 Damage irreparable
 Disseminated into other areas of body
 Can cause arthritis
 Causes heart disease
 Can cause death
 Accompanied by Chlamydia
 Washington University School of Medicine STD/HIV UPDATE 

On November 5, 2009, Washington University School of Medicine held a training course session for Community Health Workers in St. Louis, Missouri. Dodie Rother, MPH is the Project Manager of St. Louis STD/HIV Prevention Training Center. Ms. Rother was an excellent and most thorough instructor in addition to key note speakers,  Kim Gray, Ed.D, MSN, ANP, BC and Charmaine Stanfield, Public Health Educator. 

The training course provided updated information on HIV and STDs.  The STD 101 Course for Community Health Workers objectives for participants who completed the course would be able to :
  • Describe common STDs and their symptoms
  • Summarize STD trends locally and nationally
  • Describe the relationships between HIV and other STDs
  • Describe which behaviors are high-risk for STD infection

The overall description of this one-day program provided a basic overview of the clinical aspects of STDs for people working with STD/HIV prevention and education. Participants learned about STDs including epidemiology, reproductive anatomy, causes of STDs, symptoms, transmissions, and prevention.  The course was designed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention; Division of STD Prevention and Training Branch Health Professions Training and Education Unit.

 HPV Virus 
  • Low-Risk HPV cause genital warts
  • High-Risk HPV cause cervical lesions,
    cervical cancer, and other genital
  • Can cause oral cancer
  • Colorectal specialists treat internal
    warts surgically
  • They are contagious
  • Worst when pregnant
  • No lab tests for genital warts
  • No test for men with genital warts
  • Infects men, women and
  • HSV-1 causes genital infections
  • HSV-2 causes oral infections
  • Most people don't have symptoms
  • Virus can be pasted at anytime
  • Cannot feel infection on cervix
  • HSV-2 causes serious problems
    when passed to newborns
  • Can spread any if you take meds
  • Can cause cancer
  • Infects men, women and unborn
    babies during pregnancy
  • Secondary - Skin rashes, hair loss,  swollen
    lymph glands, headache, muscle
    ache, and Condylomata Lata (tumors)
  • Late State - Paralysis, insanity, blindness,
    damage to knee joints, personality changes,
    impotency, aneurysm, tumor on the skin
  • Any damage to body cannot be repaired
  • Can cause lesions in mouth

Three main factors depend on infectivity.   They are viral organism dose, blood/mucous membrane exposure, host factors/resistance. Pregnant women where resistance is low can easily be infected. The circulating virus (1-2 years) sleeps in lymphnodes and the viral load for HIV/AID's is high at the beginning and ending of disease.  Genetics can cause susceptibility and living conditions add to infectivity.  Systemic (blood stream), mucosal (cellular) and genetic effect all play a role in the immune response to the infectious organism.      
 STD/HIV Inter-Relationships 
STD causes infection and desquamation of squamous or columnar cells producing and inflammatory response.  The results increase number of HIV taget cells on mucous membrane surfaces and provide a portal of entry for HIV. Persons who are HIV negative having an STD increase recruitment of target cells on mucous membrane surfaces (mouth, vagina, anus, penis) causing a significant increase of HIV susceptibility. Persons who are HIV negative and have an STD take their resistance down. HIV positive persons who have an STD increase recruitment of target cells of HIV, increase HIV viral shedding from mucous membranes, and increase HIV communicability.
 Clinical Providers 
The majority of patients with STD's (HAVE NO SYMPTOMS!).  Routine screening is recommended.  Routine screening advised for patients 15-35.  HIV counseling and testing for all patients with an STD.  STD routine screening for patients with HIV/AIDS. Health care providers should screen and treat asymptomatic patients for STDs to prevent HIV transmission and HIV/AIDS patients for STDs to prevent HIV transmission.  Partners who are resistant to drugs make your body worse. Some patients are not compliant to directions of taking their medication. In the case of Chlamydia, it can hang around in the body for years without being detected unless you are screened.
 COMMUNICABLE DISEASES - Vampires & Syphilis History 

Now, in the year 2009 we are revisited with a new vampire series titled "Twilight New Moon" saga. Most people haven't given much thought to the idea behind vampires, humans or other creatures and how they subsist on blood predates the Old Testament.  As you continue to read this entire page you will find out some history of vampirism (vampires) and their connection to syphilis.

You may ask "Why are vampires being included in this information with regard to the history of syphilis?".  Vampirism was used as a symbol of social deviance, much like syphilis, especially for out of the ordinary behavior related to sexuality. Writers from the Victorian era were believed by many literary scholars to represent the grip of syphilis on society. Vampires and syphilis had the perception of being ruinous to society.  Both were seen as defying Christian morality.  Vampirism, in many stories are protrayed as "contagious".  The vampire spreads it's venom to an unfortunate victim, via an unnatural act such as puncturing the victim's body with teeth.  Vampirism was seen to pass from one person to another much in the same way that syphilis was alleged to be spread through aberrant behavior.

Murder was widespread of people accused of vampirism because of public panic over syphilis and other diseases.  Labeled as vampires, people who were unfortunate to of having a variety of debilitating diseases, including advanced syphilis, in order to prevent further spread of the disease were killed.  This information can be found in "Syphilis-Deadly Diseases & Epidemics".  

 Syphilis End of the Road - silent movie 1919 
 Ancient Egyptians 
 Can contact orally (mouth)
 New borns have it
 Kids spread hand to hand
 Usually no symptoms
 Untreated causes PID
 Chlamydia pili scratch cervix causing scaring
 Any damage to body cannot be repaired
 Not just an STD
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